From Kenny Suleimanagich: 

My friend Ben Mullen and I bought a used 35mm camera and wanted to shoot 400 ft (4m30s) of film to try it out. We invited our friend, and director, Jay Dockendorf to help out. Most camera tests are boring so we wanted to choose an interesting theme for ours. I had noticed some some great hand-painted signs around Crown Heights, and we all think there’s an ominous quality to the garbage that lines New York's streets, so we decided make a film simply considering signage and garbage.

A family approached us and asked if what we were filming, and, after brief conversation, Jay decided to interview them. You hear the result of that first interview in this short film. At the end of the interview, the grandmother of the family invited us all to visit her beauty salon, Black Hair. The next day we were out shooting the footage of this video piece when we realized we were already near the salon, so we decided to say hello. Simeon, the boy seen in the video and heard in the interview, was dribbling his basketball in front of the salon. We sat with the family again for a few minutes in the salon before returning to our search for signage. We grabbed a few more shots elsewhere in the neighborhood before leaving.

This is an unedited presentation of everything we shot that day, in order, with only two shots swapped (the shot of the hair salon and the shot of the trash bags) to create the effect of seeing and hearing the name of the salon at once. Otherwise the footage is presented in order, as it was filmed. The audio recording was edited for length.

Black Hair
1028 Rutland Rd
Brooklyn NY, 11212

Camera: Arri 435ES, 4 perf full gate

Film: Kodak 5201

Process: Cinelab

Transfer: Metropolis